Sunday, 28 June 2009


These two shots were taken from the Cal Mac ferry on the return trip.
One is of two Bottlenose Dolphins captured in very low light,and the other shows the approaching dusk over the southern outer Hebrides

As a professional photographer this trip to the southern outer hebrides was one I had been looking forward to.Firstly I like to take a trip around the island and soak up the energy and get a feel for whats possible ,and under what conditions ie morning or afternoon light etc.All the images taken on this trip were either on a Canon EOS1Ds Mk two (My son Tonys camera) or on my Canon EOS1Ds MK 3 We had a selection of lenses with us ranging from a 12mm Sigma lense,Canon 28-135 16-35mm 24 -105mm 14mm f2.8 70-200 f2.8 100-400mm lense.


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