Sunday, 31 May 2009


I Decided to return to Kerrera today to take advantage of the Waverley's visit. This shot depicts the Paddle Steamer Waverley passing Dunollie Castle taken 70-200mm Canon 2.8 lens.

Friday, 29 May 2009


Third Image which you may find interesting.this time showing 3 Calmac ferries together in Oban Bay.This time I used a polarizing filter on a 100-400mm lens.






decided to visit the island of kerrera so travelled light i.e camera bag, snacks and water.

got a few unusual pictures though.

The first one shows a great example of a Basalt Dyke running NW/SE like a wall and can be seen beneath the hutcheson monument on the north west side. In the foreground you can see

a lump of old red sandstone conglomerate which is a common feature of the island.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Slightly dryer so visited nearby Sutherland's Grove,nice overcast pushes out the colours within

this dark forest walk.Also the low light enable one to use very slow shutter speeds for water

flow.And guess what,the sun popped out just for a brief moment and I was able to get

this nice shot.

We then carried on to the upper glen and down steep steps to cross the footbridge over gorge.

Here is my favourite shot of the evening.


On a very still day with light drizzle you can still get some nice using my Canon with a Canon macro lens I spent some time around Benderloch taking some shots.My Lens has a deep lens hood which keeps the rain off.

Here is one of the shots I captured using a 2 second delay with the camera on a sturdy tripod and an exposure of around 30Th/sec at F22.

After 35 years as a full time working professional I still have a great passion for photography.

Here we have crystal beads of water reposing on the vegetation.


Using the same forecast for sunshine showers my Son and partner Tony set off with his

friend from Nashville to visit Eilean Donan castle on Loch Duich.

After a hike up the hillside Tony got this shot of the castle using a Canon EOS1Ds Mk2 with

a canon 28-135 zoom lens with a neutral grad filter.

He later went on to Plockton on loch Carron.

Here is one of his pictures

Dennis s visit to Mallaig 26th May 09

Forecast was for showery day so headed up to Mallaig for a client,one of the pics was this one

looking across the harbour towards the isle of Eigg.Taken using a EOS1Ds Mk3 with 70-200

2.8 canon lens with a polarizing filter.

By the way the new road is open a fantastic and is cut through solid rock in many places which

should be good for collecting Geological specimens

Sunday, 24 May 2009


As busy photographers we need lots of nourishment especially when on wet days we are

sitting at our computers downloading and editing imagery,(Saturday in Oban was wet Wet WET)

However My wife Dorothy saved the day with not one but two freshly baked Date and walnut cakes.Here a Photo to wet YOUR appetite.

The next shot is the castle with nice warm lighting taken from princes street gardens with the 28 135
canon lens(Well Used) and the third shot was taken from high up on the Scott Monument with
breathtaking views over the old city and castle.

Stay tuned with Dennis Hardley photography
for a continuous update on Dennis and Tonys
Landscape and commercial work.
Future planned shoots are Tiree,Barra,Islay,
Torridon,Mallaig,Skye and the North West.
Check out our website at


My Son and partner tony spent the weekend taking pictures in Edinburgh Thurs/Friday Sat
and got some nice new shots of the city.He was using a canon EOS1Ds Mk2 with a 28-135 and 16-35 mm lenses.So here are 3 of his shots. The first towards the mound from princes street.


With beautiful clarity and fluffy clouds I got some nice shots around south end of loch awe north of
Ford,one place was a forestry viewpoint with stunning views northwards towards Ben Cruachan.
This image was shot on a EOS1Ds MK 3 with a 70-200 f2.8 lens and using a polarizing filter.
I get so excited on these sort of days,wow what a view.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

collected on shore of Loch Lurgain beneath Stac Polly
during Ullapool trip.
My wife and I collected rocks minerals and fossils for 20 years ,so if there is something of geological
interest in any of my pictures or trips I will mention it.

Ballachulish Hotel photography

Hillary decided to call in the professionals ,wow,what alovely situation this hotel is in situated at the north slip where the old car ferry once docked.
I spent the afternoon photographing the hotel gardens and at the same time enjoying the military planes passing low overhead which really interest me.First there were 5 Mirage F1s and RAF
Tucano s and on another visit to the hotel I had a close encounter with two Apache Mk 1 s.
You may recall my previous blogg report of a visit to Ullapool,on that occasion too I was buzzed by two RAF Eurofighters.
I also collected some old red sandstone from Stac Polly to add to my geological collection.

Today Wed 20th May.
Spent this afternoon in great conditions good clarity and broken cloud photographing Cal Mac
ferries.The Hebridean isles was up from colonsay and I also captured the Isle of Mull passing
Dunollie castle with a 80-200 2.8 lense with a X2 extender.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Ullapool Trip

One of the tasks of last weeks trip up north was to capture the idyllic town of Ullapool situated on the shore of Loch Broom.

Driving North through Fort William and then along the recently upgraded Mallaig Road you reach Camusdarroch Beach, one of the locations used for the 80's film 'Local Hero'.this shot shows the magnificent views towards the inner isles of Eigg & Rhum.


Here's the 1st image from yesterdays trip up to Mallaig...Finding a parking place was the most difficult part.Used the EOS 1DS MKII on a tripod.The image depicts the Bluebell field at North Ballachulish with views towards Onich and the Morvern Hills.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Weekend activities

Saturday was a difficult day to decipher regarding the weather...I have to say that showery days tend to lend themselves to landscape photography more so than either total cloud or cloudless
days do.Spent an hour or so photographing Oban bay from various angles.
However Sunday which had beautiful light was spent out at Camus Darroch Beach nr Morar with
amazing views of Eigg and Rhum. We also did some recce work at Mallaig for future shots requiring
early morning light.
Photographed amazing field of Bluebells at North Ballachulish en route in the morning.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mull Trip

For those interested here's another shot of Tobermory....this time a view from a lovely house overlooking the bay.The last thing a landscape wishes for is flat blue skies...Clouds help to enhance any landscape...

Bill and his Cake

Tony here: Dad is heading up to Ullapool at the moment for a 2 day shoot so i'm here Processing imagery (oh the joys) and also supplying Bill with plenty of Hot Tea and plenty of slices of my mothers home made cake...our friend Bill is here working away upgrading our office...

Mull Visit

Just managed to find time to add to the Blog, again sorry for the delay...What an amazing Day Sunday Turned-out to be....In fact we spent both Sunday and Monday over on the beautiful Island of Mull which for those not familiar with the Oban area is a 40 minute sailing from Oban. The actual clarity over Tobermory was ideal.

Also managed to fit in a property Commission on the Sunday which Tony Completed..

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Oban Lifeboat

What a phenomenal organization, so why not visit their website or pop in to your local Lifeboat and give a donation...

Rocks, Minerals & Fossils

Breccia pebble cut and polished

Rocks, Minerals & Fossils

Polished Agate pebble Scotland.

All images shot on a Canon EOS 1D MKIII.

One thing that's interesting about our it's so diverse.One minute you're in the middle of the countryside capturing Landscape, the next day you're taken shots Industrial Dumpers at a Quarry, the Next setting up a product shoot....

Rocks, Minerals & Fossils

Trilobite from shropshire

Product Shoot

Here's a few examples from yesterdays product shoot.....all images you see on this blog are available as prints or for repro use.. please visit or for details.

Image Title:Quartz Amethyst Crystal,l Isle of Mull

Friday Washout

Well what can I say, Friday was another wash-out....Spent most of the day preparing product shots of Rocks & Minerals for a client.....This morning the weather forecasters managed to change their minds again Today(Saturday) so had to cancel a property shoot on Mull. Will re-arrange for tomorrow or early next week. Would also like you to see a shot Tony took of the Oban Lifeboat...We are asked by the crew to take some promo shots of them and their vessel at sea....

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Nashville,TN USA

Getting away from winter or fall images of Nashville this time we see an early morning scene of downtown from the Shelby street pedestrian bridge with LP Field to the right of the picture.For those interested in American Football, LP Field is home to the Tennessee Titans.

Here's another from my Nashville Collection this time showing the views from Broadway towards the Ryman (left) which was the original Grand'Ole' Opry and the 'Batman' building which is now owned by the multinational telecommunications company at&t.

Nashville, Tennessee

Tony here again: Just thought you may like to see a couple more images from my collection of Nashville, Tennessee images..This one was taken on a Canon EOS 1DS MKII using an old 28-135 canon lens...The image shows the view from the bicentennial Mall towards the State Capital buildings and commercial district of the city.


Tony Here: Just wanted to share one of my favourites shots of Nashville, Tennessee, USA taken from the Shelby street pedestrian bridge spanning the Cumberland River.Our vast photo-library covers not only the UK but also some international destinations such as Nashville, Washington D.C & Hong Kong. I have to say though that the shot some one took of me with 2 Tennessee Titan Cheerleaders is definitely my ultimate favourite image of all time:)

Here's a shot I captured yesterday at Sutherland's Grove, an interesting Forest walk in Barcaldine, Argyll. Using a tripod and a neutral density filter I shot this with a two second
exposure which gives the water a creamy look.

Since this blog was started i don't think I've mentioned my son Tony who not only works alongside me in a professional photographer capacity but also works tirelessly to help me keep up to date with Blogs/Websites etc..Today the weather turned-out showery a relief from the persistent rain of the last few days...of course the usual frustrations apply when it comes to what the infamous and supposedly educated weather forecasters say and what actual happens on the ground..This makes life extremely hard hard for us photographers when trying to plan photographic trips....I personally feel our hard working farmers would be better at forecasting.We currently have a property job on Mull to do so predicting a weather window is difficult....anyway, enough of that.I did mention a shot I'd taken of a primrose on the island of Eriska which i have pleasure including on this posting.

Last 3 days

Due to Our work load and the ongoing work extending our office there's been a slight delay in updating the Blog... as mentioned in previous postings last Sunday was spent above the hills above Easdale and Arduaine...The Arduaine shots were taken for the lovely Rachel at the Loch Melfort Hotel Spent Monday/Tuesday putting together Calendar Selections for clients, also a compilation CD for a clients Video Presentation..Yesterday received a phone call from a client who wanted a selection of images of the Loch Creran area.Also sent Eriska the new Swimming Pool shots we took last Friday...images also requested by my friend Dee Rudiger, a 1st c lass Graphic Designer based in Oban.She requested images I'd taken of a folk/pop band a couple of weeks's amazing what you can do now without studio can visit her funky website at

Monday, 4 May 2009

Another Dollar another day, Isle of Eriska

Rewinding the weekends events slightly, Saturday afternoon was spent walking around Eriska and Not a water buffalo or Bison to be seen:)... The first Primroses are out...instead of the usual shot from above I took the shot lying flat on the rather wet ground with a 16-35mm Mk11 lens.
Later on the north coast of the island we watched the Cormorants flying just above the water at high speed(about 45mph). see photos. Used a 100-400mm lens.

Another Dollar another day

Well it's Monday again, and guess what, it's Raining!!...To be fair the weather was amazing over the weekend with clear showery conditions, ideal for clarity. We spent both Saturday & Sunday shooting landscapes. First, Saturday morning was spent overlooking the beautiful village of Easdale.... Managed to capture some great lighting from the cliffs above the village. I tell you, all this hill climbing keeps you fit:)...Tony (The Mountain Goat) went up ahead, quickly followed by myself...OK, so Tony carried all the equipment up, in my mind that makes no difference...Besides, I did actually go down for a 9ND filter which must account for something:)

Friday, 1 May 2009


Sunset image as mentioned... conditions were good with high tide and no wind, giving an overall tranquil feel to the image.

Also sent images to Nigel at Barcaldine house, results of shoot set-up of product placement etc... Still waiting more rooms to come online...
Small files sent to young Lucy at pole position...It's good to work with guys who work to such high image may speak a 'thousand word's but when it comes to web design if the actual design is weak the impact of the imagery is lost....check them out at RE: the hotels i mentioned http:// &

Isle of Eriska Shoot

Well another Rainy day on the west coast of Scotland but an ideal day to process images from the previous days photography RE: Isle of Eriska and local Property shoot. Managed to get a reasonable sunset from Eriska Bridge last night as well as an up to date shot of the swimming pool.As I type our good friend Bill is working away at our new office extension..Bill is happy as long as there's a constant supply of hot coffee & Dorothy's Home made cake:)