Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ballachulish Hotel photography

Hillary decided to call in the professionals ,wow,what alovely situation this hotel is in situated at the north slip where the old car ferry once docked.
I spent the afternoon photographing the hotel gardens and at the same time enjoying the military planes passing low overhead which really interest me.First there were 5 Mirage F1s and RAF
Tucano s and on another visit to the hotel I had a close encounter with two Apache Mk 1 s.
You may recall my previous blogg report of a visit to Ullapool,on that occasion too I was buzzed by two RAF Eurofighters.
I also collected some old red sandstone from Stac Polly to add to my geological collection.

Today Wed 20th May.
Spent this afternoon in great conditions good clarity and broken cloud photographing Cal Mac
ferries.The Hebridean isles was up from colonsay and I also captured the Isle of Mull passing
Dunollie castle with a 80-200 2.8 lense with a X2 extender.

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